Kamis, 30 Juli 2015

l o v e , l o v e , l o v e .


I am an 'e i g h t e e n' year old  m u n d a n e  who "t y p i c a l l y" believes in love, and I always have since I was a little girl. I am one of those who believes in such things as magic, true love, Fairytales, you name it. Though there are different  t y p e s  of love, love is still love, so once you have felt and experience love, it counts no matter what. Does not matter if you are at a young age, as long as you u n d e r s t a n d what it means, how it works, the feeling and everything that goes along with love even the   c o n s e q u e n c e s , it will always count. And love does not just  e x t e n d  to one person, you are  f r e e  to love whoever you want.

Yes I have experienced love myself and  t r u t h f u l l y , it is not always 'rainbows and butterflies', especially when it is a ' o n e s i d e d' love. I have shown my affection and feelings towards those I care about, but the problem with the  w o r l d  we live in today, is that there is not enough anymore appreciation as well as, some people can just be too damn o b l i v i o u s . Love is meant to be put out there, to be   s h o w n  and received, it all has to be  e q u a l . If you love someone, show it, tell them and if you k n o w  someone loves you, tell them that you love them back. There are those out there who does need a little loving in their life, but not enough of us   h u m a n s   appreciate those kinds of things anymore. 

So, how does one get on with  l i f e  when she / he has been through love but yet, has been left          h e a r t b r o k e n? and not just once too, until the extent of not being able to say the words full of "I l o v e y o u" to anyone anymore, even her own family, because she / he is too afraid. Tell me, please, how can one get on with life?


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